Rhem 4 The Golden Fragments PC


Rhem 4 The Golden Fragments PC -SKIDROW
SKIDROW have released an adventure game which is “Rhem 4 The Golden Fragments” for PC users. Let`s check it out !
In RHEM 4. the adventures of brothers Kales and Zetais continue in the mysterious land of RHEM. Like its predecessors, RHEM 4 features non-linear gameplay, non-violent story, and mind-bending puzzles. Everyone can play but few can victoriously solve all the puzzles. Continue into RHEM and think beyond your limits. This adventure bends all rules as you meet new challenges.

RHEM is a first person adventure featuring brain-teasing puzzles for PC. You arrive in the world of Rhem by stolen rail car. For a moment, you must simply sit tight — unable to escape. Then, the car begins to roam this world, revealing its mysteries, little by little. You soon learn that the only possibility for your safe return home is a letter consisting of four hidden fragments, which you must not only find, but also put together.

Upon disembarking the rail car, and now in search of the letter, you will explore the land of Rhem…


* Explore the mysterious land of Rhem
* First person adventure with mind-bending puzzles!
* Environment consisting of individual pictures covering 360-degree views
* Play in English and French
* Non-linear gameplay
* Non-violent story 5000 rendered images in HighColor 15 minutes of QuickTime animation Stereo-environment sound.

Release Name: Rhem.4.The.Golden.Fragments-SKIDROW
Size: 705 MB
Genre: Adventure – Puzzle
Publisher: Mamba Games

Install Notes
1. Unpack release
2. Mount image or burn it
3. Install
4. Play the game.