Elemental War of Magic PC -SKIDROW


Elemental War of Magic PC -SKIDROW
The story of Elemental: War of Magic begins with an immersive single player campaign with you being the only person in your kingdom with the ability to channel magic through mysterious shards of magic that are scattered across the world. These shards, a result of a tremendous cataclysm that occurred a century prior when powerful beings waged war across the world, are the source of much of the world’s magic.

With the powers of old now gone, you now hold the key to the use of magic in your land. As ruler of your land and a channeler of magic, you must decide how much of your power to imbue into your heroes as you build new cities, explore dungeons, perfect spells of ever-increasing power and negotiate with friends and foes alike.


Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
Publisher: Stardock
Developer: Stardock

Release name: Elemental.War.of.Magic-SKIDROW
Size: 2GB

On with the game release information:

Elemental is a fantasy strategy game set on a world filled
with magic and ancient lore. Rule a fledgling kingdom and
expand it across the world through a combination of magical
power, military might, diplomatic skill, technological
advancement and bold adventuring.

As sovereign, you begin as the only being in your kingdom
still able to channel power from the shards of magic, a
series of mystical artifacts left over from the cataclysm.

You must decide how much of your power to imbue into your
heroes as you build new cities, explore dungeons, perfect
spells of ever increasing power and negotiate with friends
and foes.

Victory can be yours through conquest, magical supremacy,
diplomatic alliances or the completion of the master quest.

Take control as the magical Sovereign, expanding your nation
in a fantasy turn-based setting

As a Channeler, your choices will either save or destroy the
dying world

Recruit heroes, explore dungeons, and collect treasure as each
game unfolds

Randomly generated worlds feel rich in history and ripe for

Tactical battles, custom units, and world-destroying spells
allow your might to be unleashed

Intergrated editors help to keep each game fresh and allow
players full control over their worlds

Install Notes
1. Unpack release
2. Mount image or burn it
3. Install
4. Copy the content from the SKIDROW folder on the DVD to your installation directory and overwrite
5. Play the game

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