Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her (2009/ENG/RUS)

Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her (2009/ENG/RUS)
Information about the game
Title: Babylon 5: I've Found Her
Genre: Space simulator
Language: English, Russian
Year: 2009
Developer: Space Dream Factory
File size: 733 MB

About the Game: Babylon 5: I've Found Her - kosmosimulyator from the international team, the highest quality - both in terms of plot (which preceded the events that appear in the show), and from the point of view of the embodiment. A realistic Newtonian physics, excellent graphics, joystick support, lots of interesting discoveries (such as, for example, the behavior of the ship in hyperspace) ...
You have to try himself as a fighter pilot's ground forces. During the game you will encounter as with the earth and with an extraterrestrial spaceship.

Babylon 5: I've Found Her v1.15 RC3
Latest release to date Babylon 5: I've Found Her "Danger and Opportunity" Skrimish Pack v1.1 - (ifh11_setup.exe)
Winx64 version is installed over Win32 and already includes the patch 1.15 RC3 (folder Win x64)
Version of Mac OS X installed on their own (folder Mac OS)

In the Update folder were all patches and updates Russifiers for v1.12, the latest patch v1.15 RC3 (19.05.2009) installed directly on the game, without the previous patches.

Mission Pack
Collection of additional missions to 25.08.2009
- "Historical" mission (Believers)
- "Historical" mission (Epiphanies)
- Mission "Horatio"
- Mission "The Good Guys" (requires patch v1.15 RC3)

Four video made at game engine

- Russian descriptions to create missions
- Maps of hyperspace
- Keyboard layout in the game
- English-language description of the establishment of missions

- Cover for the DVD-box and CD-box

Minimum System Requirements:
System: Windows all
Processor: Pentium III / Athlon 800 (rec. 1200)
Memory: 128 MB (rec. 256 MB)
Video Card: 3D-graphics card with OpenGL support
Sound Card: Standard Built
Hard disk: 1,2 GB

On file:
Publication Type: pirates
Medicine: Not required
File format:. Rar
Platform: PC

Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her (2009/ENG/RUS)

Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her (2009/ENG/RUS)

Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her (2009/ENG/RUS)