Distant Worlds (PC Game/ENG/Repack/2010)

Distant Worlds (PC Game/ENG/Repack/2010)
Distant Worlds (PC Game/ENG/Repack/2010)
268 MB Genre: Strategy | Developer: Code Force | ENG

Global space strategy - not the most frequent guest on computers, but quite rare, and they also will not name. But the developers of the New Zealand Studio Code Force felt that it was better than less, and set about creating their own space of the universe. World Distant Worlds, judging from the description looks pretty standard: 1400 star systems, approximately 50 000 planets, moons and asteroids, the empire, ships, colonies, pirates, aliens, space monsters, supernova explosions and galactic storm - live and rejoice.Players Distant Worlds waits role of head of the Government of stellar empire. It depends on him the life and welfare of the people. The population of the empire completely independent and enterprising. People will base themselves, and develop a company engaged in exploration and development of planets, trade. The main thing - do not bother them, and even better - helps to address important public issues. All events in the game will take place in real time, which should be to the lovers of energetic gameplay.

Genre: strategy (real-time / grand strategy)
Developer: Code Force
Publisher: Matrix Games
Platform: PC
Publication Type: license
Language: English only
The medicine: not required

System requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Pentium IV 2 GHz
Graphics card: minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
Sound Card: DirectX 9 - compatible
Free hard drive space: 500 MB
Keyboard, Mouse


Cut out commercials producers
Automatic installation of additional software
Game Version -
To install the game requires 512 MB of RAM
Distant Worlds (PC Game/ENG/Repack/2010)


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